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Bridal Revival is run by myself, Ceri, I am a Mum of 3, part-time NHS Physiotherapist and super keen thrifter, life is busy but that’s how I like it!

I have always been a fan of shopping second hand, and love nothing more than a rummage at a car boot sale or charity shop, I think I get it from my Nain who was renowned for turning up with bags of clothes from the charity shops for her grandkids. Mostly she got it right, like the time she found me a faux fur coat, but occasionally she got it wrong…. a bright yellow swimsuit with cone shaped bust springs to mind!

My husband and I got married 8 years ago, I loved every bit of the planning, organising and shopping for our big day. I saw a Justin Alexander dress that I loved in a Bridal Magazine, then tried it on in a Bridal boutique, it was perfect but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend over £1000 on a dress I would wear for one day. I started searching online and before long I found my dress second hand and dry-cleaned for less than half the price. I truly believe that Brides should be able to find a unique and beautiful dress that reflects their personality at a reasonable price.

After my children were born I went part time in my day job and started to sell good quality second hand clothes via a facebook group in my spare time. I got a great response and I saw that people were really starting to embrace shopping more sustainably and enjoying bagging a bargain.

Bridal Revival was born out of a desire to reduce the amount of waste generated by the Wedding industry, to combine my passion for thrifting and weddings and to give beautiful jewellery and dresses the chance to shine once more. I cater for conscientious couples, combining style, sparkle and sustainability, I believe that you can look stylish on a budget whilst also being unique and kinder to the planet. I set up my website and social media and I was good to go, I’d booked my first Wedding Fair and then Coronavirus hit. Whilst the timing wasn’t great for my business, I know many others in the industry have been hit much harder and I really feel for all the couples who have had to cancel or postpone. Here’s hoping for a 2021 jam packed full of Weddings!

Are you considering wearing a vintage or preloved wedding dress? Here are my top 5 reasons why it is an excellent idea-

*You are saving a perfectly good dress from ending up in landfill, or gathering dust in someone’s attic.

*Your Wedding dress will be unique to you, trends come and go but if you choose a dress that personality suits your it will be timeless.

*You will most likely be supporting a small business or individual who will massively appreciate your custom and will provide excellent customer service and value.

*You will be able to get a much

better quality dress for a fraction of the price of buying new.

*You don’t have to wear a traditional Wedding dress! The options are endless when shopping preloved- if you fancy a shorter dress, a colourful dress, trouser suit or jumpsuit, just go for it. It’s your Wedding so have the confidence to do it your way.

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